Week 8

Our Healing Cloud of Witnesses


Talk about an incredible chapter!  Lots to apply in here!  Be sure to pray before you dive in asking the Lord to highlight where He wants you to focus!

And be prepared for concatenations coming your way!  In the video below I share a really neat one the Lord blessed me with this week!!!

WATCH:  Video Introduction!

CONSIDER:  Hebrews 11.  If you’d like to hear what I did, check out the video below – but feel totally free to follow Jesus if He leads you to do something different!

First, read through the whole thing (I highly recommend drawing a cloud of witnesses as you do so!  Was that ever powerful to do!)  Then pick one verse to camp out in (or one person featured in this chapter!)

LOOK:  Write out the verse the Lord highlighted for you to focus on!

LISTEN:  Dialogue with the Lord about this verse, writing down anything that comes to mind.

LIVE IT OUT:  How does He want you to apply or respond to what you’ve been learning?

CREATE: An art journal page featuring the key thing that stood out to you from this chapter.  In the following video I share mine!  Oh how I love show and tell!  Remember, you can share your creation at #Thesoulofshame and/or #inherentlyworthy on instagram! ;0)

RECORD:  Your application on a separate page.  I actually had four this time!  You only have to have one – but wow!  Were theses ever life-changing for me!