Week 2


Ever since the Fall

Shame is part of our story & will continue to be.

We cannot eliminate it.

But we can change our response to it

By strengthening our capacity to pay attention

To the Larger Story

of the Gospel!

WATCH:  Here’s an example of how this week’s material impacted my life!

Week 2 Introduction Video

READ:  Ask the Lord to bless your ears so you can hear whatever He wants to say to you through Chapter 1 in Dr. Curt Thompson’s book The Soul of Shame.  Read this chapter,underlining anything that stands out to you.

CONSIDER:  This week take some time to camp out in Genesis 3 considering the role that shame plays in this story – both regarding causation and consequences!

WATCH: I have an extra special treat for you this week!  The following video was showed at the marriage conference we just attended and blew me away!  It’s just six minutes long and so worth every single second of it!

 Click to see an amazing creative retelling of Genesis 3!

CREATE (extra energy idea!):  One thing I love about this video is how it illustrates using art in layers to process a story.  By the end you can’t even tell what’s underneath – it’s truly not about the finished product but what happens inside of you as you do this!

So one suggestion for your art journaling this week is to paint Genesis 3 layer by layer (and I recommend starting in Genesis 2 – it makes for a very powerful transformation!  To do this you can purchase inexpensive acrylic paints even at Walmart.  Remember with just Red, blue and yellow you can create a host of other colors. (note:  the one thing about inexpensive paint is it doesn’t mix colors as well – you can usually blend two colors but may get frustrated as it often ends up murky when you try to blend more that two colors – so if you really want another color beyond a basic green or orange or purple you may want to purchase bottles of those colors too!  And I also recommend getting black and white for this one!

And one of the best things about layers – no one sees what’s underneath!!!

You may want to grab a piece of card stock cut to the size of your book to do this on – you can glue it in after since this will be more messy than painting one layer.  And you may find it helps to have a hair dryer nearby to dry between layers – I fully expect they allowed some drying time in there when filming the above video even though it’s not shown!  :0)

CREATE (what i did):  Did you see the picture at the top of this page featuring the word Shame?  In the following video I describe how I created that:


Creating Glue Gun Stencils!!!

I simply didn’t have time to paint my way layer by layer through Genesis 3 this week – though I do intend to do this as soon as I can.  Some weeks it just seems the fast forward button gets stuck – so what I did here was doable – and still impactful!

Feel free to use any art materials or techniques you’d like, to create a page that visually represents what Shame is like for you!

And note, my girl above has paint on her because I used the stencil not to block out the paint but actually painted on the stencil and used it to transfer the paint to the page I created (it’s posted on instagram at #inherentlyworthy if you’d like to see the final result :0).

DIVE DEEPER:  Read through Genesis 3 until a verse stands out to you. Then…

LOOK: Write out that verse at the top of your page.

LISTEN:  Write down any thoughts that come to mind as you consider this verse.  Ask the Lord any questions you have about it.

LIVE IT OUT:  Then ask the Lord what does He want you to do in response to this?  Then write that down and process through until it becomes a SMART application:

Specific = what specifically do you sense Him leading you to do?

Measurable = How will you know whether you’ve done it or not?

Accountable = Who could you involve in the process to help you do what you want to do?

Realistic = Considering the circumstances in your life right now is this doable?  Or do you need to tweak it to make it possible?

Timely = When do you plan to have it done?  A good friend recommends when you are starting to learn to apply to pick something you can do in five minutes in the next 24 hours.  There can always be other applications but getting a first step done sure can jump start you well!

CREATE:  Take time to create an application page for this week.  It can be simple.  But I’ve found the very act of doing this is a key final step that really helps towards launching me into be a doer of God’s Word and not just a hearer!


Click here if you’d like to hear about my application this week!

SHARE:  Now it’s your turn…!  Who can you share what you’ve created and what you’re learning with?  Remember a key part of healing from shame happens in community!  Even if it’s not with someone else taking this course, sharing what you’re learning can help the impact go even deeper, making the journey from your head to your heart!

And remember you can always share your creations (and see what others have created) on instagram at #thesoulofshame and/or #inherentlyworthy :0)