Week 7

Shame’s Remedy:  Vulnerability


You’d think being nearly deaf I’d have this vulnerability thing down.  There’s little I do that includes interacting with people that doesn’t require me being vulnerable and takes me way out of my comfort zone.

I’ll never forget hearing a professor who had doctorates in Audiology and Psychology share, “For most people, when they become hearing impaired, their world gets increasingly smaller.  This is because of fear and pride.  Fear of saying the wrong thing and Pride… they don’t want to ask for help.”

As I listened to his lecture I sensed the Lord saying, “This is why I have you doing what you’re doing.  Because I love you, I don’t want your world getting smaller!”  And it does seem all He keeps calling me to do requires more and more vulnerability.

After reading this week’s chapter I am so thankful!


CONSIDER:  I found it so helpful this week to read through Genesis 3 pondering what the Lord was experiencing as this was taking place.

While I was reading through Genesis 3 I was looking to see which verse caught my attention so I could dive deeper into it and focus where the Lord wanted me to.  Then I took time to:

LOOK:  write out my key verse

LISTEN:  enjoyed time dialoging with the Lord about it and writing down the thoughts that came to mind!

LIVE IT OUT:  asked the Lord how He wanted me to respond to what He’d just laid on my heart and then wrote out my application.

DRAW A SUMMARY PICTURE: I am so loving doing this!  Plus it’s neat how as I flip through my book, these quick pics are helping me recall what the Lord laid on my heart!


ANSWER QUESTIONS: There are seven questions located at the back of the book on p. 196 that correspond with Chapter 6  Shame’s Remember:  Vulnerability.  I highly recommend you take time to think about these questions and answer them.  I found it to be a huge help in personalizing what I’d just read in the book!

I wrote my answers on post it notes and then created art journal pages that contained them.  This way I can go back any time and access my answers – and I find that is often helpful!

I share a couple different ways of doing this in the following video:

ART JOURNAL CREATION:  Creating a Silhouette!


When I was considering how to best portray not being vulnerable, the idea of making a silhouette came to mind!  I was so excited!  I’ve never done this before.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do!

In the following video you can see what I did and learn how to do it too!


Remember:  Creating the application page isn’t the culmination of this week’s journey, but actually doing it!  Don’t forget to take time to make your application SMART!   I know I’ve shared this before but even after years and years of doing this, I find I still can forget to process my application through to where it actually happens!

Specific = what exactly has the Lord laid on your heart to do?

Measurable = how will you know whether you’ve done it or not?

Accountable = is there someone  you could invite to hold you accountable for doing this?  Be sure to let them know how they can best do this to truly help you!

Realistic = at this point in your life, given your circumstances, is it realistic to do what you’re planning? This is a yes or no question – but if the answer is “no” then the R stands for Revise! ;0)

Timely = what’s your time frame for doing this?  You are more likely to actually do it if it’s sooner rather than later!!!

So sorry if this seems redundant…  I’m only sharing this because I am so prone to forget!

As you do your application, may the Lord pour on the grace and abundantly bless your living out what you’re learning from Him!!!