Week 10

Rekindling Vocational Creativity – The Soul of Shame, chapter 9


This. poem.  Wow!  It sums up and illustrates so well what Dr. Curt Thompson has been teaching us!  Note the key role judgment plays as shame seeks to shut us down and keep us from even trying.  Can you hear the echoes of, “I’m not enough?”  Shame’s most basic message at work.  This wonderful poem was written by La’Shay Harry and is used with her permission.  Oh how I hope she keeps striving to write many more poems for she certainly has a gift capturing what is true for so many of us.

Watch: the following video introduction.

Read:  Chapter 9 in The Soul of Shame by Dr. Curt Thompson.

Watch: Click here to watch a video demonstrating a new art journal technique and see one example of what I did to process this week’s chapter… and come up with my application!


Create: an art journal page illustrating the key things that stand out to you!  I highly recommend using this week’s creative activity to process through the questions at the end of the book which correspond to chapter 9.


Application:  Take time to create a final page that highlights what you sense the Lord specifically is leading you to do in response to what you’ve learned this week.  If you’d like to hear about my application, click here.