Continuing The Journey…


A week ago I hiked Petra with some dear friends.  Considered the 7th Wonder of the World, many of the elaborately carved tombs existed before Jesus was born!  So much for a headstone in a grave yard, these babies are HUGE!!!  (The doorway of the tomb pictured above is bigger than a house!)

When my neck was getting tired of looking up I decided to lie down in the sand before this monolith, called The Monastery.  It’s amazing how much more you can see the longer you look!  Even though it was carved into the side of a mountain, water, wind and people still are taking their toll on this amazing creation.

As I laid there on the sand, it hit me – this is timios!!!  Do you remember us talking about that Greek word at the beginning of our study?  Whereas axios refers to inherent worth, timios refers to attributed worth – honor, respect or value that’s earned – and since it doesn’t last, people are forever trying to create monuments that will endure.  And this has endured for 2000 years (it was made in the first century BC). But here’s the irony