Week 4


What was your most embarrassing moment?  What role did shame play in that?

In Chapter 3 of The Soul of Shame we continue to explore the mechanics of shame.  Can it ever help to take time to personalize this process – understanding it in light of experiences you’ve had!

READ:  Chapter 3 in The Soul of Shame underlining or highlighting things that stand out to you.  With this chapter I also found it helpful to creatively take notes on pieces of paper.  This is optional, but have I ever been finding it beneficial for helping me remember and conceptually “get” these concepts!

And be sure to take time to consider how have you personally experienced this in your life?  Taking time to quickly sketch the scene of one example really helped bring that memory to the surface and did it ever give me a handle on what I’d been reading in the book – taking it from facts in my brain to helping me better understand and identify what I’d lived out!



In the video i demonstrate how I used Gesso to first cover the page.  This is advisable if you’re going to be placing a lot of mixed media (especially wet media!) on the page.  Then I used Molding paste and stencils to create texture and added color with stamp pads and makeup sponges (you can also use daubers).

Remember, you do not have to do at all what i did!  But it sure was fun…! ;-0)


In my local group we took time this week to watch the movie “The Princess Diaries” stopping frequently to discuss where we saw shame in action.  It was a powerful discussion!  I can’t recommend highly enough doing this!


For years I’ve been showing this movie and discussing with women how it illustrates the struggle we face embracing our true identities as daughters of the King of kings!  But taking time to consider the role of shame in this struggle took our understanding to an even deeper level!

Did it ever become clear how the enemy uses shame to keep us from moving forward embracing our identity in Christ!  And did we ever have a boatload of other observations too!  Like how shame can keep us from seeing and reflecting others’ identity in Christ too – especially our husbands!!!)


And yes, I created two art journal pages featuring the key things that stood out to me after watching this movie!  And did that ever help me narrow in on what my application for this week would be…!


The important thing here is to process through so you are clear on what the Lord wants you to do in response to what He’s laid on your heart!  When i create a page writing down what i intend to do, I find it really helps me do it!  And leave space to record what happened when you did what the Lord laid on your heart to do! This is a powerful way of experiencing Him and His wisdom at work in your life!

(note:  If you would like a copy of the bookmark “Seeing My Husband The Way Jesus Does” or “Seeing Others the Way Jesus Does” email me at jadseekhim@msn.com and I’ll be glad to send it to you!)